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Homemade Airguns

There isn't much info out on the web about building your own airgun. Here I present some information that you might find useful in your own homemade airgun pursuits. These airguns can be made from commonly available materials and tools that the average handy man has in his garage.
One problem that I ran into with my homemade airguns was keeping them charged with air. I have provided information on how to build your own portable airpack.
While you are shooting your own homebuilt airgun, why not shoot some homemade ammunition? Below, you can find a couple links on making your own ammuntion.

Basics on Building
What type of valve, materials, etc you choose depend on skill level and intended use of the homemade airgun. The easiest practical type to build is a pneumatic spud cannon. Some pvc pipe, a sprinkler valve, a hacksaw, and pvc cement is about all you need for that one. I personally like to build airguns that are accurate and powerful enough to hunt. PVC can work, but copper pipe is much better. Iron pipe sometimes does the trick as well.

The type of valve used is important. Again, sprinkler valves are a good choice for the beginner. A quick exhaust valve, or QEV, is a off the shelf part that can be used to make quite powerful airguns. Full port ball valves opened by a strong spring are remarkably powerful as well. For the ultimate in power and performance, a purpose built piston or balanced spool valve is better.

How will the airgun be filled with air? For low pressure applications (under 150 psi), a bike pump or air compressor will do the job nicely. Intermediate pressures (150 to 800 psi) can be achieved with a shock pump for small airguns or a modified refrigerator compressor for larger ones. High pressures (800+ psi) can be achieved with a multi stage pump, CO2, or HPA tanks.

One of the nice things about airguns is the wide variety of ammo they can shoot. It can be something as simple as a piece of potato to something as elaborate as a discarding sabot dart. Take a look at the forum link on the right for some inspiring discussions on homemade ammunition.

Finding Airgun Parts/Materials/Tools
Depending on where you live, it may be hard to find what you need for building airguns. Sometimes you have to be creative with what is locally available, but other times you'll have to order special parts. Ebay and Amazon can be great places to find what you need. Below, I've included some search boxes for you and will put them on some of the other parts list pages for your convenience.

Homemade Airguns
Use the links below to build your own airguns:
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* Build a Coaxial Piston Airgun
* Building a Multishot Dart Gun
* QEV Airgun
* Semiautomatic Homemade Airgun
* Build Your Own Airpack

Homemade Ammo
* Airgun Arrows
* Airgun Darts
* Prefragmented Ammunition

Reference Section
I've been compiling all my info I use in building airguns into one easy to use online library. Take a look at it here, I hope you find the information as handy as I do.

I will not pay your medical bills, go to court, or even listen to your sad story if you use this information and hurt/kill yourself or someone else. I just might laugh at your story in the Darwin Awards. There's just something about people with an IQ lower than their shoe size attempting to make airguns and thereby removing themselves from the human gene pool that I find really funny. The information provided here is for acedemic purposes only. Reader assumes all responsibility for any and all damages that happen as a result of following the instructions found on this site. Airguns can be extremely dangerous, and are even more dangerous when built and used by braindead morons. You have been warned.