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Crosman Airguns

Crosman airguns have been popular for many generations. Today, the classics are prized by collectors, and the new models are tuned by performance loving modders.

Unfortunately, I don't collect old Crosmans. I do, however, have a lot of experience modding the 13xx and 22xx series. Our focus on Crosman airguns will be getting the most out of these two popular series of airguns.

Here you will learn that your Crosman can do things you never imagined. I no longer mod Crosman airguns, but here is some information that you might find useful in your own modding ventures.

Choosing the Crosman That is Right for You
So, which model should you buy? Here are some general guidelines to consider:

Reasons to buy a 13xx or other Crosman pumper
You plan to hunt in cold weather
You want to stick with .177 or .22 caliber
You dont want to buy CO2
You want a fairly quiet gun
You want to build up your arm muscles ;)

Reasons to buy a 22xx
You like to hunt/shoot indoors or in warm weather
You want multicaliber capability (up to .50 cal)
You want a gun with good modding potential
You want a gun with awesome power potential

Personally, I would recommend that you purchase a 1377 and a 2250. That'll put you around $120 in the hole, but will give you a carbine and pistol, 2 different calibers, and 2 different powerplants to experiment with. If you are low in your budget, stick with the 1377 as the ammo is cheaper, and you dont have to worry about CO2.

Where to go From Here:



Extreme Mods

Build your own pump rod

Power Valve mods

Convert a 22xx to a .50 cal

High Volume Valve

Power Adjuster

Building airgun arrows

Modifying your gun can be a potentially deadly activity. Please observe extreme caution if you choose to follow any of the instructions found on this website. Always put safety ahead of all other things. By following the instructions found on this site, you are accepting full responsibility for all damages that might ensue.