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.50 Cal Muzzleloading Airgun - Submitted by Geo

This is one of my favorites, it shoots a 180 grain muzzleloading bullet at 345 fps, making 47 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. It also shoot shotgun shot for sparrow hunting and airgun arrows for larger game hunting.

Crosman Shotgun - Submitted by Geo

This was one of my steps toward homemade airguns. This shotgun is made off a Crosman 2240. I never did chrony it, but it did pattern well under 25 feet. It would also shoot a AA battery out of sight. Details on how to construct one of these is found on the Extreme Crosman Page.

.50 Cal Breech Loading Airgun - Submitted by Geo

Nobody seemed to like the shape of this one, but it is one of my more powerful creations. It would shoot 180 grain balls at 380+ fps. The weaver rail was great for my BSA red dot. Unlike the guns above, this one was a breech loader.

2240 Bulk Filled Carbine - Submitted by Geo

Affectionately known as Stubby, this airgun would shoot 21.2 gr. Kodiaks around the 500 fps mark. It was also notoriously hungry for CO2, and had a tendency to make lots of snow if the power adjuster was screwed in too far. A great airgun to have in the brush for rabbits and sparrows alike.

.50 cal Long Gun - Submitted by Geo

This is my most powerful airgun yet, shooting 120 gr homemade slugs at 480 fps.