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Air System for Homemade Airguns

Build Your Own Portable Compressor
Most of my homemade airguns are powered off relatively low pressure air. I tried carrying a couple different bike pumps out in the woods with me, but found most were too cumbersome. In addition, all of them were not designed to be used at 150 psi and now reside in the dump. To solve this problem, I lightly modified a portable air compressor I bought at walmart for $10.00. Here is a picture of what was involved:

Materials Needed
You'll want to get the following supplies to build your own airpack:

*Portable 12V Air Compressor (Walmart or other store)
*Some automotive wire
*A 7AH 12V Battery or equivalent in 2 6V batteries
*A switch
*Electrical tape
*A small battery charger

How I Built Mine
I removed the cigarette lighter adaptor and connected that to 2 six volt gel batteries in series. Preferably you would use one 12 volt, that was all my hardware store had in stock at the time. I wired a switch near the air hookup for easy access. A small battery charger can be used to recharge the pack after your hunt. I then put all the components in my backpack, leaving the airhose out for convenient access. Here is the complete portable airpack:

Using Your Airpack
The pack will give 50+ shots at 150 psi before it needs a recharge, more than enough for hunting. The pack is surprisingly quiet and not too awkward to carry around for hours at a time. To prevent overfills, you'll want to install a pressure guage on your gun, or do it the geeks way - count how many seconds it takes for a complete fill! lol If you build your own airguns and want to go to the woods hunting with them, this airpack is an absolute necessity.