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DIY Airgun Information

If you are looking to start a new hobby or expand an old one, you are at the right place. Here we will build blowguns and airguns from commonly available materials with tools that most of us have sitting in our tool boxes. We will also discuss modifying Crossman airguns to achieve levels of power and versatility the stock models could never acheive.
The focus of this website is on homemade airguns. If you are looking for ideas on how to build your own airgun from commonly available materials, go to our homemade airgun section.

New Updated Information
I've been working on uploading my latest knowledge to the website in the form of new or updated information. Many new photos have been added to make following instructions easier. Check these out for quick reference:
* Choosing the Right Hunting Airgun (Muzzle energy calculator works now)
* Building Blowgun & Airgun Darts
* Build Your Own Portable Compressor
* Building A More Advanced Airgun
* More Shots Per Fill with Your Homemade Airguns
* 22XX Power Valve Mods
* How to Make a Power Adjuster

Homemade Airgun Forum
Feel free to join our homemade airgun forum. Activity has been a little slow lately, but there are great postings worth reading. If you have something of your own to contribute, go ahead and post it so the rest of us can learn.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I get lots of email from all over the world from people just like you, wanting questions answered. That is what this site is all about.
Please visit the site often. It tends to grow in spurts, and this is one of those exciting times. If you have any suggestions or ideas to contribute to the site send them to me.
Above all, be safe and use airguns constructively so the rights and privileges of all can be preserved.