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How to Make a Power Adjuster

Dial in Your Power
A power adjuster allows you to adjust spring tension to find the right balance of power and gas consumption. Sometimes trying to find the right hammer spring and valve spring is next to impossible. That is where this mod comes in.

What You'll Need
There are two approaches you can take. If you want to very precisely fine tune your airgun, you will want to choose a fine threaded bolt and tap. If you want to quickly change from high to low power, choose a coarse threaded bolt and tap. In addition, you will want a hacksaw, small drill press and vice, or just a hand drill and vice to complete this mod.

How to build the adjuster
Clamp the rear plug of your airgun into your vice and use the drill bit that corresponds to the tap that you will use. Tap out the threads, thread in the bolt, and reinstall the rear plug. It might be necessary to cut off some of the bolt to keep the appearance somewhat neat. Here is what it looks like before installation: (Please note that the bolt isn't the right one. However, it should give an idea of what is involved)

Here is what it looks like when it is installed:

Using the Power Adjuster
To increase power, you turn the bolt clockwise. To decrease, turn counterclockwise. It doesnt hurt to put a mark on the bolt head to keep track of turns. One thing I did with mine was screw the bolt all the way in. I chronied at full power, and began backing out the bolt in increments of 3 turns, keeping track of shot speed. By doing so, you can get a general idea of how much power you can get at various bolt positions.